Compelling copy and buoyant translations will clarify your message and inspire your readers.

Ruby and her team are experienced copywriters with journalistic backgrounds that put the audience first.

Copywriting Services include:

  • Feature Articles – More than 1500 words. Ideal for advertorial or brand journalism uses. 
  • Blogs and short articles – 300 to 500 words. Great for keeping you top of mind with your audience.
  • Reviews – Shows, films or products. Ruby has reviewed them all.
  • Awards Submissions – Ruby’s team can present your idea, product or service in a clearly understood way.
  • Advertising Copy – When every word is important.
  • Press Releases – Ruby and her team know what editors want!
  • Product Descriptions – Especially for travel products including hotels, villas, attractions and tours.
  • Linkedin Profiles – Yes! We can even write your linkedin profile in a way that generates leads.

A Word About Brand Journalism

Brand Journalism is a way for brands to use the same publishing tools that news teams do to create, curate and distribute their expert content in a credible news environment.

The purpose of journalism is to inform, and that requires observation, selection and interpretation, with all the biases that entails. Having a brand journalist on your content team allows you to provide your audience with compelling stories that promote your products and services to savvy consumers who can see through the advertising lines.