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I’ve always enjoyed the idea of travelling light. Sometimes I’ve managed to an extent, but it seems that lately my bags are bulkier, heavier and more cumbersome than ever with those what-if dresses, books, magazines and all sorts of tech paraphernalia. “Well you do have seven kilos of shoes here,” my friend stated before my last trip to Egypt, holding the bag of them up with his portable scales. Determined to pack lighter for my next voyage, I contact an expert, my friend Elise McLeod.

Elise is an Australian writer and director for stage and screen, based in Paris. She has got the art of packing lightly down pat. Over the past 15 years she has travelled the continents with carry-on luggage only. And she’s brimming with advice.

I Skype her at a good time. “I actually need to pack for a two-week journey to the south of France. I’ll do it now,” she says. She moves into her bedroom and flings open a small bag. “The main logic in my trips is that either I’m going somewhere warm and don’t need many clothes, or somewhere cheap so I can buy things there, or to see friends or family who I can borrow things from.”

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