Ruby Boukabou

Hi, I’m Ruby.

I love telling inspiring stories through words (and sometimes images). I live in Paris and Sydney and North Africa, depending on the work and the weather…
I usually work as a travel, culture and food writer but also write many other styles.
I’ve written for The Age (Life & Style), The Australian (Travel), Qantas in-flight magazine, Issimo Magazine, Flight Centre, French Tourism, The Diplomat, Geneva times, Paris Voice and Inside Film, amongst other mags and papers. I’ve reported and produced for ABC, SBS and Screen Australia, mainly from film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice.  ​
I’ve been said to have a unique view of the world and to be a writer who finds a fun way to bring each new destination I visits or subject I treat to life for the reader/viewer.  I like valuing people and ideas and get excited by how words, when delicately strung and cleverly presented, can creative positive transformations and bubbles of inspirations for readers across place and time. Words can make people buy products but also laugh, sigh, reflect and dream.
What else have I written? Bios, websites, short stories, press releases, poems, songs, advertorials, scripts for video clips and short films, a corporate training workshop, love letters, creative thank you letters, post card series, plays and urban fairy tales for radio and live performances, book reviews, album reviews, theatre and film reviews, festival news and to my delight during a cold London winter- bath bomb reviews…

I work closely with editors and clients to transpose experiences to text. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re looking for fresh copy. Otherwise, I hope you’ll enjoy some articles.