Ruby and her team provide a range of services to clients around the world, including writing, presenting, translation and film production.

Clients include SBS Television, ABC Television, QANTAS Magazine and Screen Australia.

Ruby and her team provide:

  • Copywriting – Including advertorial, brand journalism and social media content.
  • Print Journalism – Including travel writing, reviews and festival coverage.
  • Film Production – Short films, profile interviews, destination marketing postcards.
  • French / English Translation
  • Arts Journalism – From puppetry to Jazz bands, from tap dancing to burlesque and more.
  • Film and Arts Festival Coverage – Ruby has covered Cannes film& televisions festivals, Edinburgh Fringe, Barcelona tap festival.

Content is King

Creating compelling and engaging content is one of the highest priorities for all kinds of businesses, from newspapers and television networks to brands with social media content requirements and enterprises using brand journalism to convey complicated messages.

In a recent survey of B2B marketing professionals – 88% cited content related issues as their biggest marketing challenges.

  • 41% have a challenge producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers.
  • 20% have a challenge to produce enough content.
  • 18% have a challenge in finding the budget to produce content
  • 7% have a challenge producing enough variety of content
  • 1% have a challenge licensing content.

With a journalistic background, and creative flair, Ruby can help your organisation devise and produce content for all media, for any audience. Ruby’s content creation specialists know how to tell a story. They think about audience  and care about accuracy. They can find stories that are exciting where you can’t think of anything interesting to say about your product or service.

In a world where being found online is increasingly important, Ruby and her team understand the importance of copy-writing and content on SEO. It’s these little details that make all the difference in a world full of noise.